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Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist


Who I am

Dr. Francesco Bruno Tagliaferro

I am a Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist.

I graduated and specialized in Rome, where I still live and work. In my residency years, I had the need and the opportunity to attend some of the best healthcare organizations in Italy and abroad. All the experiences I've had, all the places I've been, all the people I've met, have been fundamental to my professional and personal growth, and have made me a better doctor and man.

I hope to be able to make all this available to those in need, to always offer the best care.


What I do

Interventional Radiology (IR) includes all minimally invasive surgical interventions performed with the guidance of radiological images (CT - Ultrasound - MRI - Fluoroscopy). IR procedures, due to their minimally invasive approach, reduce the impact of interventions on the body, thus decreasing post-surgical complications and recovery times. (Find out more)

Diagnostic Radiology is a high-tech medical discipline that focuses on the diagnosis of disease by means of reading and interpreting radiological images: CT - MRI - Ultrasound - conventional radiology. (Find out more)

My fields of expertise

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